Create a buzz, break the ice​,​ and leave a lasting impression

That’s what​ PhotoMeBooth​ can do.
Tapping into everyone’s love of seflies, ​our famous MirrorMeBooth​ is the perfect choice to entertain guests of all ages.
And from the moment they engage with the interactive touchscreen, your guests won’t be able to resist coming back for more.

Guided throughout by our helpful attendants as well as the animated touchscreen, the ​MirrorMeBooth​ offers users a ton of fun and a chance to let loose and get creative.

​This is a photo experience the likes of which your guests will ​have never​ seen.


The ​MirrorMeBooth​ features fully customisable graphics that can be tailored to your event theme, giving you the chance to fully brand all aspects of the experience.


The interactive touchscreen also includes a signature function, so users can leave their signature or a personalized message to be included on their photoprint outs​.

Instant Memories

Add the instant print facility which gives every ​guest​ a keepsake to take away with them and you can see why the ​MirrorMeBooth​ is the product of choice for event organisers.

Case Studies

We’ve worked with clients both large and small, from almost every sector of the economy, ​and with themes varying from the extravagant to the intimate.
We are proud to list​ Salesforce, SAP, Google, Nascar, Polyvore, Yahoo, ​and many more high profile businesses as our clients.
And every solution we’ve developed has been as individual as the clients themselves.

​TME EVENTS offer a mobile sharing station

Where you can send your photos to all your favorite social media platforms. Instantly upload your snapshots and start stacking up those likes ​to​ keep the buzz going online!

​From our unique designs to our cutting edge technology, PhotoMeBooth has you covered for a memorable experience!

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